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Introduction to Manufacturing : An Industrial Engineering and Management Perspective

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Title: Introduction to Manufacturing : An Industrial Engineering and Management Perspective
Author: Michel Baudin, Torbjorn Netland
ISBN: 0815363192 / 9780815363194
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 600
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2022
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Introduction to Manufacturing Management focuses on the operational and tactical issues related to the engineering and management of manufacturing operations in factories, and the immediate links to suppliers and customers. It provides rich detail on how operations can and should be designed and organized in a factory, and on the management of technology and people.

Divided into four main parts, the book covers planning and design of factories, explaining how to establish the necessary infrastructure and technology for manufacturing, before moving on to planning and control, which includes transport, processing, and storage of materials and goods inside and outside the factory. The third part explains how managers organize, lead, and maintain the factory, while the final part examines innovation activities from problem-solving to strategic improvement programs.

Supported with rich pedagogy to guide the student and provide several opportunities to test their learning, this textbook will be essential reading for students of introductory production management, operations management, and manufacturing management classes.

Preface : A Guided Tour

Part I : Factory Engineering
Chapter 1 :
Factory Planning and Design
Chapter 2 : Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Part II : Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 3 :
Supply Chain Management
Chapter 4 : Production Planning and Control
Chapter 5 : Internal Logistics
Chapter 6 : Warehouse Management
Chapter 7 : Purchasing and Supply Management

Part III : Managing the Factory
Chapter 8 :
Organizing Factories
Chapter 9 : Performance Management
Chapter 10 : Quality Management
Chapter 11 : Maintenance

Part IV : Improving the Factory
Chapter 12 :
Continuous Improvement and Breakthroughs
Chapter 13 : Problem Solving Methodologies
Chapter 14 : Competence Development
Chapter 15 : Strategic Improvement Programs


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