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Introduction to Oil Company Financial Analysis

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Title: Introduction to Oil Company Financial Analysis
Author: David Johnston and Daniel Johnston
ISBN: 159370044X / 9781593700447
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 448
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2006
Availability: In Stock
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There has always been a bit of magic in the stock market, especially when it comes to oil companies. When the oil industry and the stock market get together, the affair is usually dynamic and not always pleasant. Basic principles are widely understood in the financial industry, but the terminology and analytical techniques can vary greatly. This book is written for the nonfinancial shareholders, managers, and oil company employees interested in the forces that influence stock values. The bottom line in any company is expressed in the language of finance. This book explains financial concepts in a nontechnical, practical way so that nonfinancial professionals and others may understand and appreciate this aspect of the business

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Fundamentals of Valuation
Chapter 3 : Accounting Systems for Oil and Gas
Chapter 4 : Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 5 : Valuation of Common Stock
Chapter 6 : Competitive Comparisons
Chapter 7 : Segment Valuation
Chapter 8 : Value of Reserves-in-the-Ground
Chapter 9 : Corporate Restructuring
Chapter 10 : Legal and Tax Environment for Mergers
Chapter 11 : Valuation of Bonds and Preferred Stock

Appendix 1 : Abbreviations
Appendix 2 : World Energy Statistics
Appendix 3 : Production Statistics for Key Energy States 1989, 1999
Appendix 4 : State Severance and Ad Valorem Taxes 2001
Appendix 5 : Crude Oil & Gas Prices
Appendix 6 : Energy Conversion Factors
Appendix 7 : Present Value of One-time Payment
Appendix 8 : Present Value of an Annuity
Appendix 9 : Natural Gas Products
Appendix 10 : Information Sources
Appendix 11 : Reporting Systems & Statements
Appendix 12 : Enron & SPEs
Appendix 13 : Stock Tables Explained
Appendix 14 : Charts & Technical Analysis
Appendix 15 : Energy Sector P/E Ratios
Appendix 16 : The Reinvestment Assumption
Appendix 17 : Value of Information in the Public Domain
Appendix 18 : Expanded Definitions of Key Terms
Appendix 19 : M & A Jargon

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