Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints : Non-Gasketed Joints, 5th Edition

Title: Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints : Non-Gasketed Joints, 5th Edition
Author: John H Bickford
ISBN: 0367198916 / 9780367198916
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 614
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2023
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks.
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The fully updated Fifth Edition of John H. Bickford's classic work, updated by Michael Oliver, provides a practical, detailed guide for the design threaded bolted joints, the tightening of threaded joints, and the latest design procedures for long-term life. New sections on materials, threads, and their strength have been added, and coverage of FEA for design analysis is now included.

Referencing the latest standards, this new edition combines fastener materials, explanation of how fasteners are made, and how fasteners fit together, supplementing the basic design coverage included in previous versions of this authoritative text.

Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints: Non-Gasketed Joints will be of interest to engineers involved in the design and testing of bolted joints.


Chapter 1 : Basic Concepts
Chapter 2 : Materials
Chapter 3 : Stress and Strength Considerations
Chapter 4 : Threads and Their Strength
Chapter 5 : Stiffness and Strain Considerations
Chapter 6 : Introduction to Assembly
Chapter 7 : Torque Control of Preload
Chapter 8 : Torque and Turn Control
Chapter 9 : Other Ways to Control Preload
Chapter 10 : Theoretical Behavior of the Joint under Tensile Loads
Chapter 11 : Behavior of the Joint Load in Tension : A Closer Look
Chapter 12 : In-Service Behavior of a Shear Joint
Chapter 13 : Introduction to Joint Failure
Chapter 14 : Self-Loosening
Chapter 15 : Fatigue Failure
Chapter 16 : Corrosion
Chapter 17 : Selecting Preload for an Existing Joint
Chapter 18 : Design of Joints Loaded in Tension
Chapter 19 : Design of Joints Loaded in Shear

Appendix A : Units and Symbol Log
Appendix B : Glossary of Fastener and Bolted Joint Terms
Appendix C : Sources of Bolting Information and Standards
Appendix D : English and Metric Conversion Factors
Appendix E : Tensile Stress Areas for English and Metric Threads with Estimated ''Typical'' Preloads and Torques for As-Received Steel Fasteners
Appendix F : Basic Head, Thread, and Nut Lengths