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Iron Castings Engineering Handbook

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Title: Iron Castings Engineering Handbook
Author: George M. Goodrich
ISBN: 0874332605 / 9780874332605
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 420
Publisher: AFS
Year: 2008
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book is an extensive revision and upgrade of the former Iron Castings Handbook, issued by the Iron Castings Society Inc., in 1981. This book was prepared under the guidance of the AFS Cast Iron Division (Committee 5-A) and edited by George M. Goodrich and William F. Shaw, director emeritus, Iron Casting Research Institute.

In Appreciation

Chapter 1 : Economic Considerations and Procurement
Chapter 2 : The Iron Casting Process
Chapter 3 : Specifications, Inspection and Testing
Chapter 4 : Metallurgy of Cast Irons
Chapter 5 : Casting Design
Chapter 6A : Mechanical Properties of Gray Iron
Chapter 6B : Mechanical Properties of Malleable Iron
Chapter 6C : Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron
Chapter 6D : Mechanical Properties of Compacted Graphite Iron
Chapter 7 : High-Alloy Cast Irons
Chapter 8 : Physical Properties of Cast Iron
Chapter 9 : Corrosion and Wear of Iron Castings
Chapter 10A : Heat Treatment of Iron Castings
Chapter 10B : Austempering of Iron Castings
Chapter 11 : Welding of Iron Castings
Chapter 12 : Machining and Grinding of Iron Castings
Chapter 13 : Coatings and Surface Engineering for Iron Castings


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