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JIT Factory Revolution : A Pictorial Guide to Factory Design of the Future

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Title: JIT Factory Revolution : A Pictorial Guide to Factory Design of the Future
Author: Hiroyuki Hirano
ISBN: 0915299445 / 9780915299447
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 218
Publisher: Productivity Press
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition Priced at Rs.2495/-. FREE Shipping within India. Delivery : Within 2 to 4 working days.
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Here at last is the first-ever encyclopedic picture book of JIT. With 218 pages of photos, drawings, and diagrams, this unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at actual production and assembly plants illustrates exactly how JIT looks and functions. It shows the way each area of a JIT plant is set up and provides hundreds of useful ideas you can implement, including :

• Multiprocess handling
• Cell technology manufacturing
• One-piece flow
• Quick changeovers
• Visual control systems
• Kanban and andon

If you've made the crucial decision to run production using JIT and want to show your employees what it's is all about--this book is a must. The photographs, from various Japanese production and assembly plants, provide vivid depictions of what work is like in a JIT environment. And the text, simple and easy to read, makes all the essentials crystal clear.
Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words. You won't find a more accessible or enjoyable introduction to JIT anywhere. It's obvious why this is already one of our most popular books.

Publisher's Preface by Norman Bodek
Foreword by De. JT. Black, Auburn University
Introduction by Hiroyuki Hirano, JIT Management Laboratory Company
Introduction to the English Edition
JIT Factory Revolution

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Just-In-Time (JIT)
Chapter 2 : Awareness Revolution
Chapter 3 : The 5S's
Chapter 4 : Flow Manufacturing
Chapter 5 : Standard Operations
Chapter 6 : Multi-Process Handling
Chapter 7 : Reducing Workers Hours
Chapter 8 : Leveling Worker Hours
Chapter 9 : Jidoka (Automation with a Human Touch)
Chapter 10 : Changeover
Chapter 11 : Quality Assurance
Chapter 12 : Kanban
Chapter 13 : Visual Control
Chapter 14 : Maintenance and Safety

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