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Kobetsu Kaizen Manual Focussed Improvement

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Title: Kobetsu Kaizen Manual Focussed Improvement
Author: JIPM

Format: Soft Cover
Publisher: CII
Availability: Out of Stock
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This manual gives the details of KK pillar, its aims and activities, classification of losses, 7 step methodology for eliminating the losses, details of 16 major losses with company specific examples. Some tools such as cuase & effect analysis, why-why analysis and PM (Physical Phenomenon Mechanism) analysis which are used to study these losses are also discussed in this manual.


Chapter 1 : Losses & Why They Occur
Chapter 2 : Definition of 16 Major Losses
Chapter 3 : Losses Dealt by Kobetsu Kaizen
Chapter 4 : 7 Steps for Carrying Out Kobetsu Kaizen Activities
Chapter 5 : How to Collect Data on Losses
Chapter 6 : Organizing Kobetsu Kaizen Sub-Committee
Chapter 7 : How to Fix Targets for Loss Reduction/Elimination
Chapter 8 : How to Prepare Master Plan for Kobetsu Kaizen Activities
Chapter 9 : Sporadic & Chronic Losses
Chapter 10 : Why-Why Analysis
Chapter 11 : Cause and Effect Diagram/Analysis
Chapter 12 : Cost Loss Methodology Examples
Chapter 13 : Examples of 16 Major Losses – Kaizens
Chapter 14 : Examples of Loss Collection Data Sheets
Chapter 15 : Examples of KK Sub Committee : Organisation Structure
Chapter 16 : Example of KK Master Plan
Chapter 17 : Examples of Why-Why Analysis
Chapter 18 : Examples of Cause and Effect Analysis
Chapter 19 : Examples of Cost Loss Methodology

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