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Lean Imperatives : Lessons from Indian Organizations

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Title: Lean Imperatives : Lessons from Indian Organizations
Author: Himanshu M. Trivedi, Rajesh K. Jain
ISBN: 8193021622 / 9788193021620
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 456
Publisher: ASQ South Asia
Year: 2016
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This book is a collection of selected contributions made by a large number of practitioners and scholars in the field of management with particular reference to lean management and application in organizations. We express our deep sense of gratitude to one and all who have contributed towards making of the book a valuable asset to the society. The list to acknowledge them individually will be too long. Nevertheless, we make an attempt to name some of those whose inspiration, support, cooperation, and encouragement was of considerable importance.

The book has 43 chapters covering a range of issues organizations are fraught with in the current dynamic environment.Almost all of these are real, live cases describing situations middle to senior executives have dealt with, with a given amount of success. Range of organizations varies from manufacturing to service including small, medium, large, national, multinational, banking, software, chemical, automobile, pharma, electronics, petroleum, engineering sectors. The variety of organizations included show the applicability and potential of the lean philosophy for bringing about the change in them. The book is expected to give an insight into various issues, approaches organizations are adapting to become globally competitive. It is a collection of selected cases invited for the 6th Annual National Quality Conference organized by ASQ LMC Ahmedabad and Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad and edited with the intent of transmitting the observations of the researchers in the executives. Although the book is divided into three sections namely Section-A: Models and Framework, Section-B: Process Improvement, and Section-C: Tools and Techniques they all revolve around the central theme of the book i.e. Lean.It is hoped that it will be an important ready reckoner for executives, policy makers, consultants, students and other community of practitioners. Enjoy reading!


Section A : Models and Framework
Chapter 1 :
A Journey Towards Enterprise Excellence
Chapter 2 : Changing Role of Indian Top Management in Transforming Indian Organization into World Class Organization
Chapter 3 : A Study of Agile Supply Chain Frameworks
Chapter 4 : Application of Design of Experiments in Consumer Promotion Modeling
Chapter 5 : Mathematical Modelling of Inventory
Chapter 6 : Improvement in Throughput Time & Reduction in Inventory Levels Using Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Muda Elimination by Kaizen & Pull System Concept at Solenoid Coil Manufacturing
Chapter 7 : Achieving Improved Productivity in Shared Services Set-Up using Lean Six Sigma Approach : Case Study of a MNC Share Service BPO Center in India
Chapter 8 : Creating Synergy Between Lean and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Chapter 9 : Energy Saving by Installing Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine at EPRU-RIL

Section B : Process Improvement
Chapter 10 :
ISO 9001:2015 Implementing Risk Based Thinking
Chapter 11 : People Certification
Chapter 12 : VUCA World and Exponential Organisations - Opportunities and Challenges for Quality Management Paradigm in the Next Decade
Chapter 13 : Lean Imperatives in My Life
Chapter 14 : Service with Needed Quality Rendered at Customers Site to Transform into Profit Making One
Chapter 15 : Customer Complaint Reduction and Productivity Improvement in Labelling Process through Usage of Lean
Chapter 16 : Reduction in Cost of Quality Through Lean Approach and Continuous Improvement
Chapter 17 : Reduction in Annual Overhaul Period at Bhusawal Thermal Power Unit - A Lean Quality Management Approach
Chapter 18 : Eliminate Turbo Waste Gate Sensor Damage Issue
Chapter 19 : Improvement in Ordering Process within Fresh Food Divisions within Retail Stores to Reduce Shrinkage and Working Capital
Chapter 20 : Reducing Supplier Rejection - A Journey Towards Supplier Excellence
Chapter 21 : Control of Rejection in a Small Scale Manufacturing Unit Using Quality Improvement Tools - A Lean Case Study
Chapter 22 : Lean Manufacturing - A Strategy for Improvements and Growth of Indian Industries 200
Chapter 23 : Aluminum Welding Process Improvement of Current Path : A Case Study
Chapter 24 : FTT Improvement Across Engine Machining at Sanand Engine Plant
Chapter 25 : Improving TAT of Polyster Export Documentation Process
Chapter 26 : Best Practices and Quality Improvement in Mobile Application Testing
Chapter 27 : Improving Quality Inspection & Documents Traceability : A Case Study
Chapter 28 : Benefits of New Version of ISO 9001 & Road Map for Its Implementation
Chapter 29 : A Journey of Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. from ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015
Chapter 30 : Basic Awareness on Handling, Storage and Laying of Cables
Chapter 31 : Mission Eklavya - People Transformation Through Education & Training Risk Based Thinking
Chapter 32 : First Time Right - A Journey of Excellence
Chapter 33 : Lean Imperatives : Lessons for Indian Organizations

Section C : Tools and Techniques
Chapter 34 :
Enriching Students Experience through Six Sigma
Chapter 35 : Lean Six Sigma API Yield Improvement Project
Chapter 36 : Lean With Digital Validation - for Indian Manufacturing Success
Chapter 37 : Investigation of Lean Maintenance Management in Cluster of Indian SME
Chapter 38 : Cement Plant Packer Weight Variability Reduction using LSS Methodology
Chapter 39 : Elimination of Rejection Due to Delamination in Pyro Logs
Chapter 40 : Restoration of Ethylene Plant Production Capacity by Utilizing Propylene Condenser of Ethane Propane Recovery Unit
Chapter 41 : Customer Delight through "JIT" (Just In Time) in a Materials Department
Chapter 42 : Pull System in Batch Process Layout
Chapter 43 : Concast Paper Stabilization

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