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Lean Logistics : The Nuts and Bolts of Delivering Materials and Goods

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Title: Lean Logistics : The Nuts and Bolts of Delivering Materials and Goods
Author: Michel Baudin
ISBN: 1138198307 / 9781138198302
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 350
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2017
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition Priced at Rs.1495/-. FREE Shipping within India. Delivery : Within 2 to 4 working days.
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Are your warehouses full while production is stopped by shortages? Do you know what you have, and when the next replenishments will come? Do your customers complain that your lead times are too long and that your deliveries are late? Does the volume of your logistics activity vary erratically?

Lean Logistics: The Nuts and Bolts of Delivering Materials and Goods by Michel Baudin addresses these issues, both the physical infrastructure of lean logistics and the information flows that compose its nervous system, as well as innovative approaches to supplier relations. Find out how to avoid shortages while maintaining low inventories and take advantage of the increased capacity and flexibility generated through lean manufacturing.

This book picks up where the author’s previous book, Lean Assembly, left off — it clearly discusses and illustrates how to deliver parts efficiently to assemblers, and the correct process for finished goods after completion.

Lean Logistics completely covers manufacturing logistics, including its interaction with production control.

A Guide Tour

Part I : Overview of Lean Logistics
Chapter 1 :
What is Logistics?
Chapter 2 : The Lean Approach to Logistics

Part II : Dock-to-Dock Material Flows inside the plant
Chapter 3 :
Transportation Inside the Plant
Chapter 4 : Warehousing Strategies and Devices
Chapter 5 : Warehouse Management
Chapter 6 : Warehousing Materials, WIP, and Finished Goods

Part III : Material Flows in the Supply Chain
Chapter 7 :
Supplier Milk Runs
Chapter 8 : Consolidation Centers Near the Plant
Chapter 9 : Packaging and Returnable Containers

Part IV : Logistics Information Systems
Chapter 10 :
Pull Systems
Chapter 11 : Manual Pull Signals
Chapter 12 : Hybrid and Electronic Pull Signals
Chapter 13 : Kanban Operating Policies
Chapter 14 : Scheduling Principles
Chapter 15 : Scheduling Lines with Setups Between Products
Chapter 16 : Leveled Sequencing of Mixed-Flow Assembly
Chapter 17 : Production Planning and Forecasting

Part V : Business Relationships in a Supply Network
Chapter 18 :
Third-Party Logistics
Chapter 19 : Supplier-Customer Relationships
Chapter 20 : Supplier Support

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