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Load Shape Development

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Title: Load Shape Development
Author: Derek W. Schrock
ISBN: 0878145362 / 9780878145362
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 264
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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Load shapes - graphic depictions of energy use - can be extrapolated to predict customer need, and so assist in utility planning and forecasting. Load shape data provides power suppliers with an informed understanding of energy use at various times of a cycle (day, week, season, or year), whether it's focus is a single appliance or facility, or a large customer group. In Load Shape Development, Derek Schrock demonstrates how this tool is used in load forecasting, demand-side management planning and evaluation, and integrated resource planning. His non-technical text walks you through terminology, sample design techniques, overviews of metering and data collection and entry, plus design and analysis tools. This is an essential reference for electric and natural gas utilities, consulting firms, public utility commissions, and environmental groups, as well as federal, state, and local agencies.

Figures and Tables

Chapter 1 : Load Shapes
Chapter 2 : Terminology
Chapter 3 : Sample Design
Chapter 4 : End-Use Metering
Chapter 5 : Data Collection
Chapter 6 : Metered Data Analysis
Chapter 7 : Engineering Analysis
Chapter 8 : Statistical Analysis
Chapter 9 : Transferring Load Shapes
Chapter 10 : Beyond Load Shapes

Appendix : Assorted Data

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