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Machinery's Handbook, 32nd Edition (Pocket Companion)

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Title: Machinery's Handbook, 32nd Edition (Pocket Companion)
Author: Christopher J. McCauley, Richard Pohanish
ISBN: 0831151323 / 9780831151324
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 424
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2024
Availability: 45-60 days
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Since publication of the first edition more than 100 years ago, Machinery’s Handbook has been acclaimed as the most popular, bestselling engineering resource of all time. Universally considered the principal reference in the manufacturing, mechanical, and metalworking industries, the Handbook is the ultimate collection of essential information.

A compact yet authoritative, highly useful reference that draws its content from the Machinery’s Handbook, the latest Machinery’s Handbook Pocket Companion is an ideal quick resource for students and professionals in manufacturing, metalworking, and related fields for whom convenient access to the most basic data is essential. This expertly curated collection includes tables, charts, and text selected from the Handbook. Much of the information has been reorganized, distilled, or simplified to increase the usefulness of this data-rich resource, while keeping it compact.

Designed as a time saver, the Pocket Companion is not intended to replace the new Machinery’s Handbook, 32nd Edition. Instead, it serves as a handy and more portable complement to the Handbook’s vast collection of text, data, and Standards information.


  • A handy, portable, and time-saving, quick-access complement to the larger compilation of explanatory text, extensive data, and vital Standards information in the Machinery’s Handbook.
  • Revised to reflect numerous changes made in the 32nd Edition, the new Pocket Companion includes updated Standards, key revisions, and even more tables.
  • Students and professionals will find the Pocket Companion a compact ready-reference to keep nearby while mastering fundamentals and solving problems, working on engineering designs, or seeking essential specifications daily on the shop or factory floor.


Chapter 1 : Mathematical Formulas and Tables
Chapter 2 : Measurement and Inspection
Chapter 3 : Standard Tapers
Chapter 4 : Threads
Chapter 5 : Fastener Information
Chapter 6 : Cutting Fluids
Chapter 7 : Drilling and Reaming
Chapter 8 : Tapping
Chapter 9 : Speeds and Feeds
Chapter 10 : Milling Cutters
Chapter 11 : Keys and Keyseats
Chapter 12 : Broaching
Chapter 13 : Cutting Tools for Turning
Chapter 14 : Machining Operations
Chapter 15 : CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
Chapter 16 : Grinding Wheels
Chapter 17 : Gearing
Chapter 18 : Properties of Materials
Chapter 19 : Standards for Drawings
Chapter 20 : Surface Texture
Chapter 21 : Corrosion
Chapter 22 : Allowances and Tolerances
Chapter 23 : Conversion Factors

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