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Decision Process Quality Management

Author: Mawby, William D.
ISBN: 0873896335 / 9780873896337
Year: 2005
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There is a forgotten process in modern quality management that is preventing many companies from reaching their full potential for improvement – and that is the decision making process. Some d...
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Project Portfolio Selection for Six Sigma

Author: Mawby, William D.
ISBN: 0873897072 / 9780873897075
Year: 2007
Availability: Out of Stock
This book focuses on the essential but somewhat neglected topic of the selection of Six Sigma projects. There is little material available on the process of making Six Sigma projects an integral par...
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Make Your Destructive, Dynamic, and Attribute Measurement System Work For You

Author: Mawby, William D
ISBN: 0873896912 / 9780873896917
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
%uFEFFThe motivation for this book comes from the author’s extensive experience with trying to apply the standard measurement systems analysis methods to real-world problems that arise in ma...
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