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Mechanical Engineer's Handbook

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Title: Mechanical Engineer's Handbook
Author: Dan B. Marghitu
ISBN: 012471370X / 9780124713703
Format: Soft Cover
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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The Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook is a detailed, comprehension, inexpensive, and portable guide created specifically as an essential companion for all engineers and students involved with mechanical design.

The multidisciplinary nature of engineering requires a vast amount of information be available to the modern design engineer. Not all engineers and students have access to a complete library of up-to-date textbooks for all of the core subjects required. Although many large, encyclopetdic, and expensive handbooks are available, they do not offer the concise tutorial nature of the leading textbooks and are inconvenient to use at a desktop or while traveling. Pocket guides and books of tables and formulae, while convenient and portable, lack the depth of analysis necessary to fully integrate theory and applications into the design process.

The Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook contains the fundamental laws, theories formulas, examples, and definitions of all essential subject areas of mechanical engineering. Also included is in-depth coverage of controls and mathematics. The authoritative contributions are written by leading design experts in academia and industry, and have been carefully selected and edited for their usefulness to design engineers. This guide contains more than 550 illustrations, 26 tables, and hundreds of formulas and references.

In depth coverage on the following core subjects is included :
• Statistics
• Vibration
• Dynamics
• Heat Transfer
• Mechanics of Materials
• Fluid Dynamics
• Mechanisms
• Control
• Machine Components
• Differential Equations


Chapter 1 : Statics
Chapter 2 : Dynamics
Chapter 3 : Mechanics of Materials
Chapter 4 : Theory of Mechanisms
Chapter 5 : Machine Components
Chapter 6 : Theory of Vibration
Chapter 7 : Principles of Heat Transfer
Chapter 8 : Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 9 : Control

Appendix : Differential Equations and Systems of Differential Equations

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