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Metallurgy of Basic Weld Metal

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Title: Metallurgy of Basic Weld Metal
Author: G M Evans and N Bailey
ISBN: 1855732432 / 9781855732438
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 448
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Year: 1997
Availability: 45-60 days
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  • Contents

The book describes the results of over 20 years research completed this year at one of the world's premier consumable manufacturers and aimed at improving the properties of MMA electrodes for high quality applications. It examines the influence of some 17 elements and welding variables on the composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of the resulting weld metal. The often complex relationships discovered are sufficient to give a good understanding of the properties of weld metals produced by other arc welding processes.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Experimental Techniques

Part 1 : C-Mn Weld Metals
Chapter 3 : Manganese and Carbon
Chapter 4 : Effects of Welding Process Variables
Chapter 5 : Effects of Heat Treatment
Chapter 6 : Silicon and Impurities
Chapter 7 : Nitrogen and Strain Ageing

Part 2 : Low Alloy Steel Weld Metals
Chapter 8 : Single Additions : With Varying Manganese
Chapter 9 : Elements in Combination – Cr-Mo

Part 3 : High Purity Weld Metal
Chapter 10 : Titanium
Chapter 11 : Combinations with Oxygen
Chapter 12 : Combinations with Nitrogen

Part 4 : Microalloying of C-Mn Steel Weld Metals
Chapter 13 : Single Microalloying Elements (with and without Titanium)
Chapter 14 : Combinations of Microalloying Elements

Part 5 : Microalloying of High Purity Low Alloy Steel Weld Metals
Chapter 15 : Titanium and Single Additions of Cr, Mo, Ni and Cu
Chapter 16 : Titanium and Multiple Alloying Elements : Mn-Ni-Mo Weld Metals

Part 6 : Metallography
Chapter 17 : Metallographic Features
Chapter 18 : Summary


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