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Metalworking Science and Engineering

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Title: Metalworking Science and Engineering
Author: Edward M. Mielink
ISBN: 0070419043 / 9780070419049
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1991
Availability: In Stock
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Metalworking probably started in prehistoric times by the imaginative and enterprising people who found clumps of metallic materials in the free form in nature such as gold and meteoric iron, or metals such as sliver, tin, zinc, copper, iron, etc., that were reduced under natural conditions or accidentally by means of a camp or forest fire.


Part 1 : Classification of Materials Processes and Technical Background
Chapter 1 : Scope and Classification of Materials Processes
Chapter 2 : Fundamentals of Elasticity and Plasticity
Chapter 3 : Stress-Strain Curves and Related Mechanical Properties and Related Phenomena
Chapter 4 : Methods for Analyzing Metalworking Processes

Part 2 : Classification of Metalworking Processes and Massive or Bulk Deformation Processes
Chapter 5 : Classification of Metalworking or Metalforming Processes
Chapter 6 : Rolling
Chapter 7 : Bar Drawing, Extrusion and Allied Processes
Chapter 8 : Classification of Forging Processes and Open-Die Forging
Chapter 9 : Closed-Die Forging Processes and Related Operations

Part 3 : Sheetmetal Forming Processes
Chapter 10 : Classification and Analysis of Shearing, Bending, Stretch-Forming, and Sheetmetal Forming Operations
Chapter 11 : Deep Drawing Considerations and Evaluation of Formability
Chapter 12 : CAD/CAM of Sheetmetal Drawing

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