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Modern Machine Shop's Guide to Threads, Threading, and Threaded Fasteners

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Title: Modern Machine Shop's Guide to Threads, Threading, and Threaded Fasteners
Author: Woodrow Chapman
ISBN: 156990359X / 9781569903599
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 608
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2004
Availability: In Stock
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This comprehensive new reference, featuring information extracted from Modern Machine Shop’s Handbook for the Metalworking Industries, provides 600 large, easy to read pages of text, tables, and diagrams featuring in-depth coverage of all aspects of thread systems, threading methods, and threaded fasteners and their capabilities. Special attention has been given to the wide variety of available machining operations and tools exploited in the creation of threaded fasteners, including unusually detailed coverage of methods used to determine the ideal hole diameter for tapping operations. An important addition to this book that is not contained in the parent Handbook is a discussion on aircraft fasteners (including rivets, which are sometimes substituted for threaded fasteners) that are employed in several industries. Every effort has been made to provide current, useful, and practical knowledge that an engineer, designer, or machinist normally consults in order to select a suitable machining operation and fastener for a particular engineering application.


Chapter 1 : Thread Systems
Chapter 2 : Tightening and Tensioning Threaded Fasteners
Chapter 3 : Threading Operations
Chapter 4 : Threaded Fasteners
Chapter 5 : Aircraft Hardware
Chapter 6 : Thread Measurement
Chapter 7 : Fasteners for Wood

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