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Modern Solutions for Protection, Control, and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems

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Title: Modern Solutions for Protection, Control, and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems
Author: Edmund O. Schweitzer, Hector J. Altuve Ferrer
ISBN: 0972502637 / 9780972502634
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 362
Publisher: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Year: 2010
Availability: Out of Stock
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Electric power systems are facing new challenges. Limitations to building new transmission lines and generating stations are reducing security margins. New generation sources and free energy markets are creating variables and less predictable power flows. Blackouts in different countries confirm the need to seek modern protection, control, and monitoring solution.These modern solutions are the focus of this book.

Modern technology provides the tools to meet new power system requirements with reliable and affordable solutions. Modern relays feature advanced protection functions as well as control, monitoring, and communications functions. Today, relays and meters also include time-synchronized measurment abilities. Modern communications technology provides fiber-optic and low-cost radio links and makes precise time available over wide areas. New devices enhance cybersecurity.

A general objective of this book is to bring together all engineers working on power system operation, planning, asset management, maintenance, protection, control, monitoring, and communications. These engineers solve modern power system problems, benefit from the new tools available, and face the challenges of properly applying these tools. This book is suitable for protection, control, communications, and power system engineers, decision - making personnel of electric utilities and industry, and university students and faculty.

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Chapter 1 : Looking to The Future
Chapter 2 : Time - Synchronized Systems
Chapter 3 : Distribution System Protection, Automation, and Monitoring
Chapter 4 : Transmission Line Protection
Chapter 5 : Transformer Protection and Monitoring
Chapter 6 : Bus and Breaker - Failure Protection
Chapter 7 : Generator Protection and Monitoring
Chapter 8 : Wide - Area Protection, Control and Monitoring
Chapter 9 : Power System Communications
Chapter 10 : Information Processing
Chapter 11 : Information Security
Chapter 12 : Protection System Reliability and Testing
Chapter 13 : Substation Protection, Control and Monitoring System Design
Chapter 14 : Using Power System Information


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