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Natural Gas Purchasing Handbook

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Title: Natural Gas Purchasing Handbook
Author: John M. Studebaker
ISBN: 0878146458 / 9780878146451
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 375
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1994
Availability: In Stock
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The deregulated natural gas market presents many opportunities for savings for those with the knowledge necessary to avoid certain pitfalls and structure deals that safeguard their interests. This welcome reference provides a blueprint to guide those who wish to participate in the direct purchase market toward the best, safest and least costly strategies. You'll learn the basics of how the market operates, how to arrange both supply and transportation of natural gas, what contract terms are necessary to protect your interests, and what government regulations must be met. In addition, the author shows you how to analyze your facility and your current gas use to identify potential savings opportunities.

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Chapter 1 : Natural Gas – An Overview
Chapter 2 : Regulation of Natural Gas Utilities
Chapter 3 : Developing a Strategy for Reducing Natural Gas Costs
Chapter 4 : Understanding Natural Gas Utility Billing Information
Chapter 5 : The Process of Getting Natural Gas to the End-user Customer
Chapter 6 : The End-user Buyer/Seller (Agent) Natural Gas Contract Process
Chapter 7 : Nomination and Follow-up in the Natural Gas End-User Contract Process
Chapter 8 : Choosing a Natural Gas Consultant
Chapter 9 : How to Analyze Your Facility for Natural Gas Savings
Chapter 10 : Synopsis of Natural Gas

Appendix A : Directory of Natural Gas Sellers
Appendix B : Directory of Natural Gas Publications
Appendix C : Glossary of Natural Gas Terms

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