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Nuclear Safety in Light Water Reactors : Severe Accident Phenomenology

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Title: Nuclear Safety in Light Water Reactors : Severe Accident Phenomenology
Author: Bal Raj Sehgal
ISBN: 0123884462 / 9780123884466
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 740
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 2012
Availability: 45-60 days
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This vital reference is the only one-stop resource on how to assess, prevent, and manage severe nuclear accidents in the light water reactors (LWRs) that pose the most risk to the public. LWRs are the predominant nuclear reactor in use around the world today, and they will continue to be the most frequently utilized in the near future. Therefore, accurate determination of the safety issues associated with such reactors is central to a consideration of the risks and benefits of nuclear power. This book emphasizes the prevention and management of severe accidents to teach nuclear professionals how to mitigate potential risks to the public to the maximum extent possible.

Chapter 1 : Light Water Reactor (LWR) Safety, A Historical Review
Chapter 2 : In-Vessel Core Degradation
Chapter 3 : Early Containment Failure
Chapter 4 : Late Containment Failure
Chapter 5 : Fission Product Release and Transport
Chapter 6 : Severe Accident Management
Chapter 7 : Environmental Management of The Accident
Chapter 8 : Integral Codes for Severe Accident Analyses

Appendix 1 : Corium Thermodynamics and Thermophysics
Appendix 2 : Severe Accidents in CANDU (PHWR)

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