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Organizational Synergy : A Practical Guide with Workbook

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Title: Organizational Synergy : A Practical Guide with Workbook
Author: Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai
ISBN: 9388955005 / 9789388955003
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 182
Publisher: Kojo Press
Year: 2019
Availability: In Stock
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In clear professional language, Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai shares the secrets of organizational synergy. Applying its tools and working methods lets you:

  • Turn your company into a leader in its field
  • Link “the stars” to productive teams
  • get through successfully M&A or any change.
  • Reinforce connections between managers and employees
  • Correctly bridge between technological changes, structure, processes,  and employees
  • Improve the customer service experience
  • Enhance satisfaction, engagement, and retainment of employees, clients,  managers and shareholders

This book is a must-read for every manager, entrepreneur, business owner and organizational consultant who wants to make profit and be a winner in our current reality.

Introduction : Organizational Synergy from a Bird’s Eye View

Chapter 1 : How to Achieve More : Diving into the Concept of Synergy

  • Fundamental concepts in synergy: Diversity, boundaries and communication
  • Diversity
  • Boundaries
  • What has the strongest impact on an organizations boundaries and diversity?
  • Communication
  • Summary and your personal workbook

Chapter 2 : Synergy Perception in Depth : 7F Model - the 7 Forms of Interaction Model and Mapping Questionnaire

  • Quality forms of interaction
  • Neutral forms of interaction
  • Destructive forms of interaction
  • How do boundaries and communication patterns shape the 7 Forms of Interaction?
  • Aspects of synergy
  • Synergy in mergers and acquisitions (M&A): Starting out on the right foot
  • Important pointers for creating synergy
  • Questionnaire for Self-Completion : 7F Model - 7 Forms of Interaction
  • 7 Forms of Interaction Model - Questionnaire
  • Summary and your personal workbook

Chapter 3 : How to Successfully Embed the Synergy Process

  • The components for successfully embedding the synergy process in your organization
  • Exercise : Identify components in your organization
  • The work process in 6 Stages: How to plan, execute and preserve the process of improved interactions in the organization
  • Summary and your personal Workbook

Chapter 4 : Synergy or Wasted Energy : Rules and Tips for Improving Interactions

  • Integrate synergy terms into the organizations language: Changing organizational language changes organizational culture
  • How to correctly manage diversity
  • How to handle boundaries correctly
  • How to manage communication correctly : techniques for improving organizational communication
  • And lastly - What's the next step?

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