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Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing : A Model for American Companies

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Title: Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing : A Model for American Companies
Author: Brian H. Maskell
ISBN: 036748014X / 9780367480141
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 429
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2020
Availability: In Stock
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In Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing author Brian H Maskell states that new performance measures are needed for world class manufacturers.  This, he says, is because traditional management accounting is no longer relevant,  customer standards are increasing, and new management methods require new measures.  Maskell also believes that world class manufacturers may have different performance measures that have the same characteristics.  These new performance measures,  which directly relate to manufacturing strategy (primarily through the use of nonfinancial measures, variations among locations, and change over time) are easy to use, providing fast feedback to operators and managers, thereby actually assisting in improvement istead of simply monitoring it.

Author Brian H Maskell divides the key performance measures into six areas:

  • Delivery performance and customer service
  • Process time
  • Production flexibility
  • Quality
  • Financially based measures
  • Social issues

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1 : World Class Manufacturing and the Need for New Performance Measures
Chapter 2 : Characteristics of the New Performance Measures
Chapter 3 : Shortcomings of Traditional Management Accounting
Chapter 4 : Measurement of Delivery Performance and Customer Service
Chapter 5 : Measurement of Process Time
Chapter 6 : Measurement of Production Flexibility
Chapter 7 : Measurement of Quality Performance
Chapter 8 : Financial Measures
Chapter 9 : Measuring Social Issues
Chapter 10 : Establishing Performance Targets
Chapter 11 : Producting the New Performance Measures
Chapter 12 : Alternative Cost and Management Accounting Techniques

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