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Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 9th Edition

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Title: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 9th Edition
Author: Don W. Green, Marylee Z. Southard
ISBN: 0071834087 / 9780071834087
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 2272
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2018
Availability: 15-30 days
  • Description

Up-to-Date Coverage of All Chemical Engineering Topics from the Fundamentals to the State of the Art

Now in its 85th Anniversary Edition, this industry-standard resource has equipped generations of engineers and chemists with vital information, data, and insights. Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest technological advances and processes, Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Ninth Edition, provides unsurpassed coverage of every aspect of chemical engineering. You will get comprehensive details on chemical processes, reactor modeling, biological processes, biochemical and membrane separation, process and chemical plant safety, and much more.

This fully updated edition covers:

  • Unit Conversion Factors and Symbols
  • Physical and Chemical Data including Prediction and Correlation of Physical Properties
  • Mathematics including  Differential and Integral Calculus, Statistics , Optimization
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Fluid and Particle Dynamics
  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Process Control and Instrumentation
  • Process Economics
  • Transport and Storage of Fluids
  • Heat Transfer Operations and Equipment
  • Psychrometry, Evaporative Cooling, and Solids Drying
  • Distillation
  • Gas Absorption and Gas-Liquid System Design
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction Operations and Equipment
  • Adsorption and Ion Exchange
  • Gas-Solid Operations and Equipment
  • Liquid-Solid Operations and Equipment
  • Solid-Solid Operations and Equipment
  • Chemical Reactors
  • Bio-based Reactions and Processing
  • Waste Management including Air, Wastewater and Solid Waste Management
  • Process Safety including Inherently Safer Design
  • Energy Resources, Conversion and Utilization
  • Materials of Construction

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