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Plastics and Composites Welding Handbook

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Title: Plastics and Composites Welding Handbook
Author: Avraham Benatar; David A. Grewell & Joon B. Park
ISBN: 1569903131 / 9781569903131
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 407
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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By reviewing and comparing all commercially available welding processes, this authoritative handbook helps the reader select the best-suited process for the application and provides an understanding on the limitations and benefits of each process. The focus on practical aspects such as weldability, optimizing part design, troubleshooting, and testing makes this book an indispensable tool for everyone involved in welding of plastics. At the same time, it also conveys the basic theoretical principles of plastics welding such as squeeze flow, molecular diffusion, and heat transfer mechanisms. This handbook is intended for a wide audience including: welders and welding equipment operators, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, chemical engineers, material scientists, and research and development personnel. Each chapter was developed by experts in the field with a wide breadth of information dealing with all welding aspects including materials, process phenomenology, equipment, and joint design. The authors also included many application examples to assist engineers in considering the materials and geometries that were successfully used for a specific process. While not all encompassing, the handbook provides the basic information along with references that can be used to gather additional information or details.

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Fundamental Steps in Plastics and Composites Welding
Chapter 3 : Heated Tool (Hot Plate) Welding
Chapter 4 : Hot Gas Welding
Chapter 5 : Extrusion Welding
Chapter 6 : Implant Induction (Electromagnetic) Welding
Chapter 7 : Resistive Implant Welding
Chapter 8 : Ultrasonic Welding
Chapter 9 : Linear and Orbital Vibrations Welding
Chapter 10 : Spin Welding
Chapter 11 : Radio Frequency Welding
Chapter 12 : Infrared and Laser Welding
Chapter 13 : Microwave Welding
Chapter 14 : Guidelines for Process Selection
Chapter 15 : Testing of Weld Joints

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