Power Engineering : Advances and Challenges, Part A - Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power

Title: Power Engineering : Advances and Challenges, Part A - Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power
Author: George Cristian Lazaroiu, Linda Barelli, Viorel Badescu
ISBN: 0367781123 / 9780367781125
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 458
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2021
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Faced with the climate change phenomena, humanity has had to now contend with numerous changes, including our attitude environment protection, and also with depletion of classical energy resources. These have had consequences in the power production sector, which was already struggling with negative public opinion on nuclear energy, but a favorable perception of renewable energy resources. The objective of this edited volume is to review all these changes and to present solutions for future power generation.

  • Offers a fast introduction to recent results in power engineering
  • Saves the time needed to search for information spread in tens of journals
  • Covers all branches of power engineering, from thermal to electrical, from hydro to nuclear


Part I : Progress in Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Classical Technologies
Chapter 1 :
Understanding of The Flexibility from Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant
Chapter 2 : Directions for Improving The Flexibility of Coal-Fired Units in an Era of Increasing Potential of Renewable Energy Sources
Chapter 3 : Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycles
Chapter 4 : Nuclear Power
Chapter 5 : Next Generation of Nuclear Reactors
Chapter 6 : Hydropower

Part II : Advances in Renewable Energy-Based Thermal Technologies
Chapter 7 :
Geothermal Power
Chapter 8 : Power to Gas Conversion Technologies and Related Systems
Chapter 9 : Stationary Fuel Cells and Hybrid Systems
Chapter 10 : Biopower Technologies
Chapter 11 : Energy Plantations Value-Added Options
Chapter 12 : New Efficient and Ecologic Energy Vectors (Solid Biomass-Hydrogen)

Part III : Storage of Thermal Energy
Chapter 13 :
Thermal Energy Storage Technologies
Chapter 14 : Impact of Energy Storage Systems Value-Added Options