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Power Industry Dictionary

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Title: Power Industry Dictionary
Author: Ann Chambers and Susan Kerr
ISBN: 0878146059 / 9780878146055
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 388
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1996
Availability: In Stock
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This quick reference offers a broad spectrum of nearly 4,000 industry terms and phrases. Terms used in generation, transmission, and distribution can be found here, along with common business and billing language and terms related to the major governmental and industry regulations. Environmental terms and phrases relevant to the electric power industry are also included. As a convenience, additional reference material is located in the back of this volume, including an assortment of conversion tables, a table of the chemical elements and their associated symbols and weights, and a contact list of prominent industry organizations.

Chapter 1 : More than 4,000 Entries
Chapter 2 : Definitions
Chapter 3 : Altitude-Pressure Temperature Density Table of Air
Chapter 4 : Chemical Elements
Chapter 5 : Basic Conversion Factors
Chapter 6 : US and International Unit Measurement Parameters
Chapter 7 : Metric-English Systems Conversion Factors
Chapter 8 : Common Units
Chapter 9 : Weights and Measures
Chapter 10 : Electric Power Industry

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