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Power-Switching Converters, 3rd Edition

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Title: Power-Switching Converters, 3rd Edition
Author: Alejandro Oliva, Simon Ang
ISBN: 143981533X / 9781439815335
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 653
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2011
Availability: 45-60 days
Special Indian Edition.
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Significantly expanded and updated with extensive revisions, new material, and a new chapter on emerging applications of switching converters, Power-Switching Converters, Third Edition offers the same trusted, accessible, and comprehensive information as its bestselling predecessors. Similar to the two previous editions, this book can be used for an introductory as well as a more advanced course.

Chapters begin with an introduction to switching converters and basic switching converter topologies. Entry level chapters continue with a discussion of resonant converters, isolated switching converters, and the control schemes of switching converters. Skipping to chapters 10 and 11, the subject matter involves an examination of interleaved converters and switched capacitor converters to round out and complete the overview of switching converter topologies.

More detailed chapters include the continuous time-modeling and discrete-time modeling of switching converters as well as analog control and digital control. Advanced material covers tools for the simulation of switching converters (including both PSpice and Matlab simulations) and the basic concepts necessary to understand various actual and emerging applications for switching converters, such as power factor correction, LED drivers, low-noise converters, and switching converters topologies for solar and fuel cells.

The final chapter contains several complete design examples, including experimental designs that may be used as technical references or for class laboratory projects. Supplementary information is available at crcpress.com including slides, PSpice examples (designed to run on the OrCAD 9.2 student version and PSIM software) and MATLAB scripts.

Continuing the august tradition of its predecessors, Power-Switching Converters, Third Edition provides introductory and advanced information on all aspects of power switching converters to give students the solid foundation and applicable knowledge required to advance in this growing field.

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Chapter 1 : Introduction to Switching Converters
Chapter 2 : Basic Switching Converter Topologies
Chapter 3 : Resonant Converters
Chapter 4 : Isolated Switching Converters
Chapter 5 : Control Schemes of Switching Converters
Chapter 6 : Continuous-Time Modeling of Switching Converters
Chapter 7 : Analog Control of Switching Converters
Chapter 8 : Discrete-Time Modeling of Switching Converters
Chapter 9 : Digital Control of Switching Converters
Chapter 10 : Interleaved Converters
Chapter 11 : Switched Capacitor Converters
Chapter 12 : Simulation of Switching Converters
Chapter 13 : Applications of Switching Converters
Chapter 14 : Switching Converter Design Case Studies


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