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Power System Stability and Control.

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Title: Power System Stability and Control.
Author: Prabha Kundur
ISBN: 0070635153 / 9780070635159
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 1180
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
Special Indian Edition
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Proven Solutions to Problems in electric power system stability and control

Power System Stability and Control

- A volume in the EPRI Power System Engineering Series

Today?s electric power systems are continually increasing in complexity due to interconnection growth, the use of new technologies, and financial and regulatory constraints. Sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute, this expert engineering guide helps you deal effectively with stability and control problems resulting from these major changes in the industry.

Power System Stability and Control contains the hands-on information you need to understand, model, analyze, and solve problems using the latest technical tools. You?ll learn about the structure of modern power systems, the different levels of control, and the nature of stability problems you face in your day-to-day work.

The book features a complete account of equipment characteristics and modeling techniques. Included is detailed coverage of generators, excitation systems, prime movers, ac and dc transmission, and system loads?plus principles of active and reactive power control, and models for control equipment.

Different categories of power system stability are thoroughly covered with descriptions of numerous methods of analysis and control measures for mitigating the full spectrum of stability problems. This comprehensive source book is written from a pragmatic point of view, but without undue compromise in mathematical rigor. Filled with illustrative examples, it gives the necessary basic theory and insight into practical aspects.


Part I : General Background
Chapter 1 :
General Characteristics of Modern Power Systems
Chapter 2 : Introduction to the Power System Stability Problem

Part II : Equipment Characteristics and Modelling
Chapter 3 :
Synchronous Machine Theory and Modelling
Chapter 4 : Synchronous Machine Parameters
Chapter 5 : Synchronous Machine Representation in Stability Studies
Chapter 6 : AC Transmission
Chapter 7 : Power System Loads
Chapter 8 : Excitation Systems
Chapter 9 : Prime Movers and Energy Supply Systems
Chapter 10 : High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission
Chapter 11 : Control of Active Power and Reactive Power

Part III : System Stability : Physical Aspects, Analysis and Improvement
Chapter 12 :
Small Signal Stability
Chapter 13 : Transient Stability
Chapter 14 : Voltage Stability
Chapter 15 : Subsynchronous Oscillations
Chapter 16 : Mid-Term and Long-Term Stability
Chapter 17 : Methods of Improving System Stability


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