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Practical Enhanced Reservoir Engineering : Assisted with Simulation Software

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Title: Practical Enhanced Reservoir Engineering : Assisted with Simulation Software
Author: Drs. Abdus Satter, Ghulam Iqbal and James L. Buchwalter
ISBN: 1593700563 / 9781593700560
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 706
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2008
Availability: In Stock
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This book is intended to be a reservoir engineering book for college students, but it is not the usual college text book. It is a modern and very practical guide offering reservoir engineering fundamentals, advanced reservoir related topics, reservoir simulation fundamentals, and problems and case studies from around the world. It is designed to aid students and professionals alike in their active and important roles throughout the reservoir life cycle (discovery, delineation, development, production, and abandonment), and in the various phases of the reservoir management process (setting strategy, developing plan, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and completing).

The authors bring to this book their life-long experience and expertise in reservoir engineering and simulation techniques and practice. The goal is to present a comprehensive book, starting from basic principles and leading to real-life reservoir management aided by simulation. This practical book explores the functions of reservoir engineers, and how they analyze, think and work in real life situations. It presents :

• Rock and fluid properties, fluid flow principles, well test analysis, reservoir performance analysis techniques and applications.
• New topics such as reserves, reservoir economics, risk and uncertainties, probabilistic methods, recovery processes, and applications.
• Role of reservoir simulation models in enhancing basic reservoir engineering concepts and practice.
• Computer-assisted simulation techniques are used extensively in this book to illustrate various concepts and applications related to reservoir engineering.
• Finally, the book offers class projects where the students can apply what they have learned to treat their problems.

This book will serve the students and the industry professionals well.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Rock Characteristics, Significance in Petroleum Reservoirs, and Applications
Chapter 3 : Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluid Properties, Phase Behavior, and Applications
Chapter 4 : Fundamentals of Fluid Flow in Petroleum Reservoirs and Applications
Chapter 5 : Transient Well Pressure Analysis and Applications
Chapter 6 : Fundamentals of Data Acquisition, Analysis, Management, and Applications
Chapter 7 : Integration of Geosciences and Engineering Models
Chapter 8 : Evaluation of Primary Reservoir Performance
Chapter 9 : Volumetric Methods in Petroleum Reservoir Analysis and Applications
Chapter 10 : Empirical Methods for Reservoir Performance Analysis and Applications
Chapter 11 : Decline Curve Analysis and Applications
Chapter 12 : Material Balance Methods and Applications
Chapter 13 : Reservoir Simulation Fundamentals
Chapter 14 : Reservoir Simulation Model Applications
Chapter 15 : Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Reserves and Applications
Chapter 16 : Improved Recovery Processes : Fundamentals of Waterflooding and Applications
Chapter 17 : Improved Recovery Processes : Enhanced Oil Recovery and Applications
Chapter 18 : Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics, Integrated Modeling, and Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
Chapter 19 : Operational Issues in Reservoir Development and Management
Chapter 20 : Class Projects

Glossary of Selected Key Terms
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