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Practical Guide to Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

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Title: Practical Guide to Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
Author: Sunil Pullarcot
ISBN: 0824707400 / 9780824707408
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 355
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2002
Availability: 15-30 days
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The Practical Guide to Pressure Vessel Manufacturing acts as an explanation to the ASME code...features the A to Z of fabrication methodology...discusses NDT, heat Treatment, and pad air and hydrostatic tests...covers typical ready-to-use NDT procedures...explains the methodology to compile Manufacturers Data Report (MDR)...details typical quality and inspection and test plans...highlights the requirements of welding procedure specification, procedure qualification records, and welder qualification tests...and includes recommended tolerances for vessels.


Part 1 : Fabrication
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Organization
Chapter 3 : Manufacture of Components
Chapter 4 : Manufacture of Vessel
Chapter 5 : Nondestructive Testing
Chapter 6 : Pad Air and Preliminary Hydrostatic Testing
Chapter 7 : Postweld Heat Treatment
Chapter 8 : Hydrostatic Testing
Chapter 9 : Post–Hydrostatic Test Cleaning
Chapter 10 : Documentation

Part 2 : Procedures
Chapter 11 : Radiographic Testing Procedure for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 12 : Ultrasonic Testing for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 13 : Magnetic Particle Testing for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 14 : Liquid Penetrant Testing for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 15 : Furnace Postweld Heat Treatment for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 16 : Hydrostatic Testing of Pressure Vessels
Chapter 17 : Quality Assurance and Control in Welding
Chapter 18 : Quality Plan
Chapter 19 : Inspection and Test Plan
Chapter 20 : Standard Tolerances for Pressure Vessels
Chapter 21 : ASME Exhibits


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