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Principles of Solar Engineering, 3rd Edition

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Title: Principles of Solar Engineering, 3rd Edition
Author: D. Yogi Goswami
ISBN: 1466563788 / 9781466563780
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 822
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2015
Availability: 2-3 days
Special Indian Edition.
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An Engineering-Based Survey of Modern Solar Energy Concepts and Practical Applications

Reflecting major developments in solar energy since the publication of the last edition, Principles of Solar Engineering, Third Edition follows the changes in energy policies that have led to the rapid growth of solar energy systems. This latest edition focuses on the fundamentals and the design of systems for various applications including building, heating and cooling, industrial process heat, electric power plants (including PV and CSP), and environmental systems.

What’s New in the Third Edition:

The third edition introduces new topics that include organic and dye sensitized solar cells in the photovoltaics chapter, advanced thermodynamic power cycles such as supercritical CO2 cycle and information on design software packages. The chapters on solar radiation and solar thermal collectors have been completely changed. Because of its increased importance, solar thermal power is covered in much more depth than in the previous edition.

The book contains increased coverage of high temperature thermal storage for CSP in the chapter for energy storage and transport. It changes many end-of-chapter problems, provides examples and problems for both northern and southern hemispheres and countries around the world, includes a solutions manual, and revises the retained material. A significant change in the new edition is the addition of economic analysis in the first chapter, which includes a number of solved examples, and allows the students to analyze the applications in the later chapters from an economic stand point.

Designed to be both a textbook and a reference, this work:

  • Introduces the global energy situation and addresses changes taking place in the distribution of available energy resources
  • Covers concentrating and nonconcentrating solar thermal collectors in much more depth than before
  • Highlights the latest developments in collector materials as well as new correlations for heat transfer and thermal performance analysis
  • Explores thermal energy storage, new developments, including materials, analysis, and design
  • Examines CSP and PV power, and outlines what students need to learn for future upcoming developments in these areas
  • Provides in detail solar central receiver systems, commonly known as power towers, including the design of a solar heliostat field, receiver/absorber, and higher temperature thermodynamic power cycles
  • Details the latest developments in thin film solar cells
  • Presents environmental applications of solar energy

Principles of Solar Engineering, Third Edition addresses the need for solar resource assessment, and highlights improvements and advancements involving photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies, grid power, and energy storage.

  • Reflects the importance of solar radiation for the economics of large solar energy systems
  • Provides a detailed analysis of concentrating collectors
  • Introduces new topics not covered in the last edition
  • Includes additional example problems


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Solar Energy Conversion
Chapter 2 : Fundamentals of Solar Radiation
Chapter 3 : Solar Thermal Collectors
Chapter 4 : Thermal Energy Storage and Transport
Chapter 5 : Solar Cooling and Dehumidification
Chapter 6 : Passive Solar Heating, Cooling, and Daylighting
Chapter 7 : Solar Thermal Power
Chapter 8 : Photovoltaics
Chapter 9 : Solar Photochemical Applications


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