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Process Problem Solving : A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams

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Title: Process Problem Solving : A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams
Author: Bob Sproull
ISBN: 156327244X / 9781563272448
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 176
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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To be a successful manufacturing operation, employees must eliminate equipment and production related losses. However, most shopfloor workers don't have the necessary skills to perform the problem-solving tasks that accomplish this goal. They must be trained in the proper methods for logically and systematically discovering the root causes of a situation.

Based on the firsthand experiences of author Bob Sproull, Process Problem Solving: A Guide for Maintenance and Operations Teams presents a precise methodology for understanding problems in a manufacturing environment. The book begins by introducing various problem-solving tools, including fish diagrams, tree diagrams, cause-and-effect diagrams, and flow diagrams. Using real-world examples, Sproull takes readers systematically through each tool and discusses them in depth.

The central tool in Process Problem Solving is the Problem Analysis Flow (PAF) chart. Containing ten major sections, it combines many of the tools discussed at the beginning of the book. According to the author, the PAF chart is the most thorough and comprehensive problem-solving tool. It creates a systematic method for understanding and solving the root causes of problems.

To teach the necessary problem-solving skills, Sproull uses powerful learning techniques that guide the reader through the process. Each chapter begins with a section entitled "What You Should Learn in this Chapter," which specifically emphasizes the main points presented. In addition, each chapter is sprinkled with "keyword" boxes that advise the reader of important terms.

Process Problem Solving is filled with Sproull's "Problem Solving Truths." These are key ideas the author wants to highlight, so the reader retains important pieces of information. Finally, Process Problem Solving follows a "learn and do" approach. The end of each chapter asks the reader to talk about what they have learned. This interactive approach helps readers retain and understand the material.

With this informative book, shopfloor workers get the training they need to understand the root causes of manufacturing problems.

It contains :

• Forms for problem-solving tools
• Real-world examples
• A step-by-step program
• Diagrams, graphs, and essential charts
• Questions at the end of each chapter that encourage interactive learning
• Appendices that contain actual case studies
• 40 problem-solving truths


Chapter 1 : Understanding Problems
Chapter 2 : Selecting the Right Problem
Chapter 3 : Problem-Solving Teams
Chapter 4 : The Why?-Why? Tools in Problem Solving
Chapter 5 : The Inquisition Tools
Chapter 6 : The Problem Analysis Flow (PAF) Chart

Appendix A : Problem-Solving Truths
Appendix B : Case Studies
Appendix C : Sample Forms

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