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Protection Techniques in Electrical Energy Systems

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Title: Protection Techniques in Electrical Energy Systems
Author: A. Wiszniewski, Helmut Ungrad, Wilibald Winkler
ISBN: 0824796608 / 9780824796600
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 399
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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Presenting the theoretical principles for, and current state of, electrical power system protection engineering, this work explains the functions of protection and control equipment. It provides application guidelines for every component to be protected in a system, and examines and compares American, British and continental protection philosophies.


Part A : Fundamentals of Protection Engineering
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : The Principal Faults on Electrical Power Systems and System Components
Chapter 3 : The Main Criteria for Detecting Faults
Chapter 4 : Instrument Transformers for Protection Purposes

Part B : Analogue Protection
Chapter 5 :
Solid-State Protection Relays and Systems
Chapter 6 : Applications of Analogue Protection Devices
Chapter 7 : Analogue Protection for Power Systems
Chapter 8 : Analogue Protection for Machines

Part C : Digital Protection
Chapter 9 :
Computer-Based Protection and Control
Chapter 10 : A/D Conversion of Input Variables
Chapter 11 : Digital Signal Conditioning
Chapter 12 : Algorithms for Digital Protection
Chapter 13 : Logical Structures for Digital Protection

Appendix I : Symbols
Appendix II : Characteristics of Standard Low-Pass Filters

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