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Protective Relaying : Theory and Applications, 2nd Edition

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Title: Protective Relaying : Theory and Applications, 2nd Edition
Author: Walter A. Elmore
ISBN: 0824709721 / 9780824709723
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 432
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2005
Availability: Out of Stock
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Targeting the latest microprocessor technologies for more sophisticated applications in the field of power system short circuit detection, this revised and updated source imparts fundamental concepts and breakthrough science for the isolation of faulty equipment and minimization of damage in power system apparatus-clearly of power system function and stability.

Includes chapters and expertise from the most knowledgable experts in the field of protective relaying, including J. Lewis Blackburn and George D. Rockefeller.

Describing microprocessor techniques and troubleshooting strategies in clear and straightforward language, the Second Edition offers a new chapter on voltage stability…..a unique collection of transient sources in control circuits and the expedients used for their elimination….an extensive description of the behavior of instrument transformers…explanations of system grounding practices…..important details on reclosing, synchronizing, and frequency relaying……and basic equivalent diagrams of generators, transformers, motors, and circuits.


Chapter 1 : Introduction and General Philosophies
Chapter 2 : Technical Tools of the Relay Engineer: Phasors, Polarity, and Symmetrical Components
Chapter 3 : Basic Relay Units
Chapter 4 : Protective Against Transients and Surges
Chapter 5 : Instrument Transformers for Relaying
Chapter 6 : Microprocessor Relaying Fundamentals
Chapter 7 : System Grounding and Protective Relaying
Chapter 8 : Generator Protection
Chapter 9 : Motor Protection
Chapter 10 : Transformer and Reactor Protection
Chapter 11 : Station-Bus Protection
Chapter 12 : Line and Circuit Protection
Chapter 13 : Backup Protection
Chapter 14 : System Stability and Out-of-Step Relaying
Chapter 15 : Voltage Stability
Chapter 16 : Reclosing and Synchronizing
Chapter 17 : Load-Shedding and Frequencing Relaying


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