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Purchasing for Manufacturing

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Title: Purchasing for Manufacturing
Author: Harry E. Hough
ISBN: 0831130660 / 9780831130664
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 208
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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Written by the founder of the American Purchasing Society, this authoritative introduction to industrial purchasing emphasizes the unique aspects of securing specialized materials utilized in manufacturing.

Includes in-depth coverage of the criteria for the selection of products, purchasing dynamics, the organization of the purchasing function, how to determine need, how to evaluate a source, obtaining and analyzing bids, and required forms. Explains how to determine what is negotiable, how flexible is the seller, commercial terms used in purchasing, what every purchasing agent needs to know about contract law, the importance of the Uniform Commercial Code, different types of warranties that can protect your business, and information on antitrust laws and patent rights. Discusses the particulars of purchasing special materials and provides information on certification, value analysis, forms used in purchasing, and the importance of accurate drawings and specifications.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Purchasing Operations
Chapter 2 : Essentials of Business Purchasing
Chapter 3 : Negotiating and Keeping it Legal
Chapter 4 : Why Good Specifications are Important and How to Get Them
Chapter 5 : Important Information about Iron, Steel, and the Industry
Chapter 6 : Types of Steel Products, Source Selection, Ordering, and Obtaining Proper Quality
Chapter 7 : Background for Non-Ferrous Metal Purchasing
Chapter 8 : Important Differences in Buying Fabricated Metal Items
Chapter 9 : Select a Casting Source with Care
Chapter 10 : Buying Resin, Plastics, and Ceramics
Chapter 11 : Purchasing and Controlling Tooling and Scrap
Chapter 12 : Source Selection Issues and Resolving Purchasing Problems

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