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Quick Die Change, 2nd Edition

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Title: Quick Die Change, 2nd Edition
Author: David Smith
ISBN: 0872637158 / 9780872637153
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 432
Publisher: SME
Year: 2005
Availability: In Stock
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Quick Die Change, Second Edition pulls together various manufacturing concepts to demonstrate how to achieve dramatic setup time reductions. The book covers not only the basis of changing dies quickly but many fundamental concepts of pressworking that affect the correct changeover of dies. The book includes chapters on - economic order quantity and just-in-time, training, acceptance, involvement, and support from the workforce, diesetting practice, die clamping methods, die parallels and die locating methods, quick die change strategy, setting progressive dies quickly and accurately, setup of tandem line dies, operating dies at a common shut height, decoiling, straightening, and feeding coil stock, transfer press and die operations, press force monitors, press safeguarding, ergonomics, training for emergencies and preparedness, unsticking presses, and die maintenance documentation and tracking.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Relationship of QDC to Economic Order Quantity and Just-In-Time
Chapter 3 : Training, Acceptance, Involvement, and Support
Chapter 4 : Basic Good Die Setting Practices
Chapter 5 : Die Clamping Methods
Chapter 6 : Die Parallels and Die Locating Methods
Chapter 7 : Quick Die Change Strategy
Chapter 8 : Grouping Presses and Dies for Quick Die Change
Chapter 9 : Setting Progressive Dies Quickly and Accurately
Chapter 10 : Setup of Tandem Line Dies
Chapter 11 : Operating Dies at a Common Shut Height
Chapter 12 : Decoiling, Straightening, and Feeding Coil Stock
Chapter 13 : Transfer Press and Die Operations
Chapter 14 : Basic Principles of Press Force Monitors
Chapter 15 : An Overview of Press Safeguarding
Chapter 16 : Press Counterbalance Adjustment and Maintenance
Chapter 17 : Ergonomics in the Pressroom
Chapter 18 : Dealing with the Unthinkable
Chapter 19 : Unsticking Presses Stuck on Bottom Dead Center
Chapter 20 : Die Maintenance Documentation and Tracking


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