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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Systems : Volume 2 - Network and Installation

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Title: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Systems : Volume 2 - Network and Installation
Author: Hemant Joshi
ISBN: 0070620970 / 9780070620971
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2008
Availability: Out of Stock
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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Systems is a comprehensive coverage on every aspect of design, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This book would serve as a ready reference for electrical engineers as well as bridge the gap between theory and practice, for students and academicians, alike.

Vol. 2 : Network and Installation provides its readers all the pertinent aspects of network and installation of electrical systems?from project procedure, rules and standards to design principles and installation practice. Containing over 100 illustrations, this book discusses:

* Project execution
* Coordination issues with power companies
* Estimating power demand for installation
* Estimating capital cost of illustration
* Selection of appropriate network
* Planning space required for installation of equipment and consequently the installation of the equipment.


Part I : Standards and Procedures
Chapter 1 : Project Procedures
Chapter 2 : Regulations and Standards
Chapter 3 : Power Company Network
Chapter 4 : Coordination with Local Power Company
Chapter 5 : Load Estimates
Chapter 6 : Revenue and Check Metering
Chapter 7 : Capital Cost Estimate

Part II : Selection of Network
Chapter 8 : Basic Principles
Chapter 9 : Residential System Networks
Chapter 10 : Commercial System Networks
Chapter 11 : Industrial System Networks
Chapter 12 : Overhead Power Distribution
Chapter 13 : Pole-mounted Substation
Chapter 14 : Outdoor High-voltage Switchyard

Part III : Space Planning and Installation
Chapter 15 : Space Planning, Storage and Installation
Chapter 16 : Rooms and Areas Containing Electrical Equipment
Chapter 17 : Installation in Hazardous Areas
Chapter 18 : Installation in Wet Areas
Chapter 19 : Cable Installation and Support Systems
Chapter 20 : Cable Terminations and Joints


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