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Retail Wheeling: A Guide for End-Users, Third Edition

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Title: Retail Wheeling: A Guide for End-Users, Third Edition
Author: Peter Christensen
ISBN: 0878147470 / 9780878147472
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 315
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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America's current electric utility monopoly structure is being abandoned and replaced with deregulation and competition. As with any radical shift, these changes are bringing uncertainty and confusion. In addition, new laws are enabling retail electricity consumers to directly access the electricity generation market - referred to as retail wheeling. In this third edition, author Peter Christensen clearly explains what retail wheeling is, and what it means to end-users. He details how it will work, and what end-users need to know to take advantage of the new structure.

Preface to Third Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition

Part I : Background
Chapter 1 :
Why Retail Access?
Chapter 2 : Development of Retail Wheeling
Chapter 3 : Experiences With New Retail Wheeling Programs
Chapter 4 : Electricity Industry Structure With Retail Wheeling
Chapter 5 : Alternative to Native Tariff Service

Part II : How to Buy Electricity
Chapter 6 :
Taking Control of Electricity Purchasing
Chapter 7 : Evaluating Load and Risk
Chapter 8 : Unbundled components
Chapter 9 : Coordinating Power Suppliers
Chapter 10 : Using Financial Tools
Chapter 11 : The Future

A. : Discussion of Federal and State Jurisdiction
B. : Discussion of the Stranded Investment Issue
C. : State-by State Status of Retail Wheeling Initiatives
D. : Market Price Indices
E. : Electricity Purchase and Sales Agreements


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