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Revenue Protection: Combating Utility Theft and Fraud

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Title: Revenue Protection: Combating Utility Theft and Fraud
Author: Karl Seger, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1593700393 / 9781593700393
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 239
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2005
Availability: In Stock
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Energy theft is more common than most think. It costs consumers billions of dollars every year in the United States alone. In his new book Karl Seger explains how a utility can establish a revenue protection program or evaluate and improve an existing one. This how-to book includes a number of appendices with sample web pages, investigative reports, and more. He outlines a program to help identify customer fraud and billing errors. Seger’s advice applies to those associated with both large and small utilities.

• Learn how to establish a revenue protection program.
• Learn how to conduct a theft or fraud investigation.
• Learn how to recover lost revenues.
• Suitable for meter shop supervisors, customer service managers, utility investigators, and security personnel.

Chapter 1 : Revenue Protection: An Overview of the Challenge
Chapter 2 : Organizing For Revenue Protection
Chapter 3 : Crime Scene Investigation - Theft of Service
Chapter 4 : The Fraud Investigation
Chapter 5 : The Paper Chase and Revenue Recovery
Chapter 6 : The Investigative Interview
Chapter 7 : Investigations at Potentially Dangerous Accounts
Chapter 8 : Investigative Challenges and Tools
Chapter 9 : Working with Law Enforcement and Going To Court
Chapter 10 : Evolving Challenges

Appendix A : Position Description
Appendix B : Procedures to Handle Utility Theft and Fraud Situations Found in the Field by Sevice Personnel
Appendix C : Draft Ordinance
Appendix D : Twenty-fourth Guam Legislature
Appendix E : Revenue Protection Sample Web Page
Appendix F : Revenue Protection Investigation Report

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