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Semiconductor Devices and Circuits

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Title: Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Author: Jerry C Whitaker
ISBN: 0849300495 / 9780849300493
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 408
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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The venerable vacuum tube has retired. Semiconductor devices now form the core of the ongoing electronics revolution and serve as the indispensable basis of most electronic designs.

From semiconductor materials to their failure modes, from the simplest diodes to state-of-the-art image display devices, Semiconductor Devices and Circuits presents a complete overview of semiconductor technology. It emphasizes practical information and applications in an easy-to-use format ideal for everyday use by engineers, technicians, and students.

With chapters contributed by an international panel of experts, this reference provides complete descriptions of the semiconductor devices central to the electronics industry-without the bulk of the larger, more general handbooks. Beyond its background material, device descriptions, and circuit models, Semiconductor Devices and Circuits also contains a section featuring essential material properties, conversion factors, standards, and mathematical tables. The end result is a convenient, self-contained resource needed on the desk or bookshelf of every electronics specialist and student.

  • Emphasizes applications and practical information
  • Offers circuit models and complete descriptions of semiconductor devices, including JFETs, MOSFETs, op-amps, image displays, and solid state amplifiers, and switched capacitor circuits
  • Provides lists of defining terms, references, and further readings
  • Includes an entire section on conversion factors, standards, and constants

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Semiconductors
Chapter 3 : Bipolar Junction Field-Effect Transistors
Chapter 4 : Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Chapter 5 : Image Capture Devices
Chapter 6 : Image Display Devices
Chapter 7 : Solid State Amplifiers
Chapter 8 : Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 9 : Applications of Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 10 : Switched Capacitor Circuits
Chapter 11 : Semiconductor Failure Modes
Chapter 12 : Conversion Factors, Standards, and Constants

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