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Shopfloor Series - A Set of 16 Books

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Title: Shopfloor Series - A Set of 16 Books
Author: JIPM
ISBN: 8174890122 / 9788174890122
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 1581
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2010
Availability: In Stock
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About the Shopfloor Series : Put proven improvement tools in the hands of your entire workforce!

Progressive shopfloor improvement techniques are imperative for manufacturers who want to stay competitive and to achieve world class excellence. And it's the comprehensive education of all shopfloor workers that ensures full participation and success when implementing new programs. The Shopfloor Series books make practical information accessible to everyone by presenting major concepts and tools in simple, clear language and at a reading level that has been adjusted for operators by skilled instructional designers. One main idea is presented every two to four pages so that the book can be picked up and put down easily. Each chapter begins with an overview and ends with a summary section. Helpful illustrations are used throughout.

5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace
This book will teach your workers the basics of 5`s. Sort,Set,Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Autonomous Maintenance for Operators
Introduces operators to equipment maintenance and
motivates them to take ownership of their equipment.

Cellular Manufacturing: One-Piece Flow for Workteams
Introduces production teams to cellular manufacturing concepts and prepares them to help in the design of new cells.

Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams
Gives your TPM teams a powerful framework for further improving equipment performance.

Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor
An excellent guide to understand,identify,and eliminate waste
on the shopfloor.

Just-in-Time for Operators
Shares lean manufacturing principles of waste reduction,inventory control, cell layout & support techniques.

Kaizen for the Shop Floor
Takes you through the steps in conducting an effective kaizen event.

Kanban for the Shopfloor
Provides the information needed to understand, plan and implement kanban.

Mistake-Proofing for Operators
Introduces poka-yoke methods for preventing defects by monitoring process conditions at the source.

OEE for Operators
Makes over-all equipments effectiveness accesible to workers
who have the most to gain from improving equipment.

Pull Production for the Shopfloor
Gain knowledge that can be used to understand, plan and implement pull production.

Quick Changeover for Operators
Features Shingo`s SMED approach for shortening setups and boosting manufacturing flexibility.

Standard Work for the Shopfloor
Establishes the best activities and sequence steps to maximize performance and minimize waste.

TPM for Every Operator
Focuses on basic TPM principles,autonomous maintenance and safety.

TPM for Supervisors
Gives Supervisors a practical and to the point understanding of the benefits of TPM.

TPM Team Guide
Emphasizes integration of TPM with production management.Perfect for supervisors,
operators,facilitators and trainers.

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