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Smart Grid Planning and Implementation

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Title: Smart Grid Planning and Implementation
Author: Clark W. Gellings
ISBN: 1498747817 / 9781498747813
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 522
Publisher: The Fairmont Press
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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This book is intended for electric utility managers, directors, and power system planners, regulators, and policy makers interested in the steps needed to realize the value of a modern power delivery system. This book describes the elements needed in planning and implementing a "Smart Grid" by outlining how the electricity delivery system can be modernized so it monitors, protects, and automatically optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements—from the central and distributed generator through the high-voltage network and distribution system, to energy storage installations and to end-use consumers and their thermostats, electric vehicles, appliances, and other household devices. This comprehensive guide highlights emerging concepts of cyber and physical security, resiliency, and the newest architecture—"The Integrated Grid." You’ll gain an understanding of how a two-way flow of electricity and information can be used to create an automated, widely distributed energy delivery network.

Chapter 1 : What is the Smart Grid?
Chapter 2 : Smart Grid Technologies
Chapter 3 : Smart Grid Roadmaps
Chapter 4 : The Smart Grid as an Integrated Grid
Chapter 5 : Lessons Learned from the World's Smart Grid Demonstrations
Chapter 6 : Enhancing Smart Grid Resiliency
Chapter 7 : A Grid Operating System to Facilitate the Smart Grid
Chapter 8 : The Grid as a Terrorist Target
Chapter 9 : Assuring Cyber Security
Chapter 10 : The Benefits and Cost of the Smart Grid
Chapter 11 : Factors Effecting the Demand for Electricity from the Smart Grid


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