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Steel Castings Handbook, 6th Edition

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Title: Steel Castings Handbook, 6th Edition
Author: ASM
ISBN: 0871705567 / 9780871705563
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 472
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
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With particular emphasis on the ability of castings to meet customer requirements, this guide tells you what you need to know about physical properties and other pertinent information in the design and use of steel castings. It's been extensively revised from the previous edition to cover new areas like rapid prototyping techniques, recent developments in molding methods, and revamped descriptions of ASTM standards. You'll find an appendix listing ISO standards, too.

The coverage on heat treatment has been greatly revised and expanded to give you a greater understanding of the principles involved in optimizing mechanical properties.


Part I : General Information
Chapter 1 : Introduction to Steel Castings
Chapter 2 : Industrial Applications of Steel Castings
Chapter 3 : Advantages of Steel Castings

Part II : Purchasing Castings
Chapter 4 : Specifying Steel Castings
Chapter 5 : Purchasing Policy

Part III : Designing Castings
Chapter 6 : Design for Function
Chapter 7 : Manufacturing Design Considerations
Chapter 8 : Concurrent Engineering
Chapter 9 : Engineering Drawings for Casting Production
Chapter 10 : Redesign as Steel Castings
Chapter 11 : Cast-Weld Construction

Part IV : Manufacture of Castings
Chapter 12 : Pattern Equipment
Chapter 13 : Casting and Molding Processes
Chapter 14 : Melting
Chapter 15 : Finishing, Heat Treatment and Inspection
Chapter 16 : Process Capability and Tolerances
Chapter 17 : Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Part VA : Material Selection - Mechanical and Chemical Properties
Chapter 18 : Carbon and Low Alloy Steels for Pressure Containing and Structural Parts
Chapter 19 : Wear Resistant Steels
Chapter 20 : Corrosion-Resistant High Alloy Steels
Chapter 21 : Nickel Base Castings
Chapter 22 : Heat-Resistant High Alloy Steels
Chapter 23 : Low Temperature and Cryogenic Steels

Part VB : Material Selection - Processing Properties
Chapter 24 : Hardenability and Heat Treatment
Chapter 25 : Weldability and Welding
Chapter 26 : Mechinability

Part VC : Material Selection - Physical Properties
Chapter 27 : Physical Properties

Appendix A : AISI and SAE Composition Limits and Ranges of Wrought Carbon and Low Alloy Steels
Appendix B : AISI and SAE Composition Limits and Ranges of Wrought Stainless Steels
Appendix C : ACI Alloy Designation and Composition Limits and Ranges for Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Castings
Appendix D : Conversions of Units and Hardness Values
Appendix E : ISO Specifications
Glossary of Foundry Terms

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