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Sucker-Rod Pumping Manual

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Title: Sucker-Rod Pumping Manual
Author: Gabor Takacs
ISBN: 0878148922 / 9780878148929
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 402
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
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Artificial lift methods are employed to regain proper pressure in the well after natural pressure has ceased. There are a handful of methods used under various situations, one of which is pumping. This updated version of the PennWell classic, Modern Sucker-Rod Pumping, provides detailed technical information on a popular century-old, and still very popular, worldwide artificial lift method—sucker-rod pumping. Full of illustrations, tables, and formulas, this book will provide the reader with everything they need to ensure successful sucker-rod pumping operations.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Sucker-Rod Pumping
Chapter 2 : The Components of the Sucker-Rod Pumping System
Chapter 3 : Calculation of Operational Parameters
Chapter 4 : The Design of the Pumping System
Chapter 5 : The Analysis of Sucker-Rod Pumping Installations
Chapter 6 : Appendices
Chapter 7 : Exercise Problems

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