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Surface Engineering of Metals : Principles, Equipment, Technologies

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Title: Surface Engineering of Metals : Principles, Equipment, Technologies
Author: Tadeusz Burakowski, Tadeusz Wierzchon
ISBN: 0849382254 / 9780849382253
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 608
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
Special Indian Edition.
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Surface Engineering of Metals provides basic definitions of classical and modern surface treatments, addressing mechanisms of formation, microstructure, and properties of surface layers.
Part I outlines the fundamentals of surface engineering, presents the history of its development, and proposes a two-category classification of surface layers. Discussions include the basic potential and usable properties of superficial layers and coatings, explaining their concept, interaction with other properties, and the significance of these properties for proper selection and functioning.
Part II provides an original classification of the production methods of surface layers. Discussions include the latest technologies in this field, characterized by directional or beam interaction of particles or of the heating medium with the treat surface.

Discusses the range of surface engineering techniques
Describes new surface treatments, including plasma-activated chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, and ion implantation
Profiles applications such as wear resistance, anticorrosion, and decorative coatings
Assesses physical principles underlying its technologies and equipment
Identifies problems and solutions related to surface layers and coatings as well as phase composition

Chapter 1 : General Fundamentals of Surface Engineering
Chapter 2 : The Concept of Surface Engineering
Chapter 3 : Development of Surface Engineering
Chapter 4 : The Solid Surface
Chapter 5 : Surface Layers
Chapter 6 : The Superficial Layer
Chapter 7 : Coatings
Chapter 8 : The Newest Techniques of Producing Surface Layers
Chapter 9 : Formulation of Technological Surface Layers
Chapter 10 : Electron Beam Technology
Chapter 11 : Laser Technology
Chapter 12 : Implantation Techniques (Ion Implantation)
Chapter 13 : Glow-Discharge Methods and CVD Technology
Chapter 14 : Vacuum Deposition by Physical Techniques (PVD)

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