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Surface Hardening of Steels : Understanding the Basics

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Title: Surface Hardening of Steels : Understanding the Basics
Author: ASM
ISBN: 0871707640 / 9780871707642
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 364
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2002
Availability: In Stock
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Surface Hardening of Steels : Understanding the Basics is a practical selection guide to help engineers and technicians choose the most efficient surface hardening techniques that offer consistent and repeatable results. Emphasis is placed on characteristics such as processing temperature, case/coating thickness, bond strength, and hardness level obtained. The advantages and limitations of the various thermochemical, thermal, and coating/surface modification technologies are compared. Economic concerns and health and safety considerations are also addressed. Recent developments in the understanding of the relationships between microstructure and fatigue and wear performance are reviewed, as are more recently introduced surface hardening processes such as vacuum-related technologies, laser processing, CVD/PVD, and ion implantation. Methods for evaluating hardness patterns and depths of hardness for quality control and failure analysis are described. The book also reviews methods for measuring and controlling case depth, residual stresses, and distortion. Metallurgical comparisons are made between those processes that offer rapid heating and rapid cooling (self quenching) characteristics—for example, induction hardening—and conventional furnace hardening. While all of the surface engineering methods discussed enhance wear resistance, some—such as electroless nickel plating, carbide salt-bath deposition, and chrome plating—also offer resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Wear and corrosion data are provided to demonstrate the benefits of each process.


Section I : Introduction
Chapter 1 : Process Selection Guide

Section II : Surface Hardening by Thermochemical Diffusion Treatments
Chapter 2 : Gas Carburizing
Chapter 3 : Vacuum and Plasma Carburizing
Chapter 4 : Pack and Liquid Carburizing
Chapter 5 : Carbonitriding
Chapter 6 : Nitriding
Chapter 7 : Nitrocarburizing
Chapter 8 : Boriding
Chapter 9 : Thermal Diffusion Process

Section III : Surface Hardening by Non-Diffusion Methods
Chapter 10 : Surface Hardening by Applied Energy
Chapter 11 : Surface Hardening by Coating of Surface Modification

Appendix 1 : Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram
Appendix 2 : Austenitizing Temperatures for Steels
Appendix 3 : Hardness Conversion Tables
Subject Index
Alloy Index

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