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Switching Power Supply Design, 3rd Edition

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Title: Switching Power Supply Design, 3rd Edition
Author: Abraham I. Pressman, Keith Billings, Taylor Morey
ISBN: 0071482725 / 9780071482721
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 841
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2009
Availability: 15-30 days
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Recognized worldwide as the definitive guide to power supply design for over 25 years, Switching Power Supply Design has been updated to cover the latest innovations in technology, materials, and components. This Third Edition presents the basic principles of the most commonly used topologies, providing you with the essential information required to design cutting-edge power supplies. Using a tutorial, how-and-why approach, this expert resource is filled with design examples, equations, and charts


Chapter 1 : Basic Topologies
Chapter 2 : Push Pull and Forward Converter Topologies
Chapter 3 : Half and Full Brigade Converter Topologies
Chapter 4 : Flyback Converter Topologies
Chapter 5 : Current Mode and Current Fed Topologies
Chapter 6 : Miscellaneous Topologies
Chapter 7 : Transformers and Magnetic Design
Chapter 8 : Bipolar Power Transistor Base Drive Circuits
Chapter 9 : MOSFET and IGBT Power Transistors and Gate Drive Requirements
Chapter 10 : Magnetic Amplifier Postregulators
Chapter 11 : Analysis of Turn "On" and Turn "Off" Switching Losses
Chapter 12 : Feedback Loop Stabilization
Chapter 13 : Resonant Converters
Chapter 14 : Typical Waveforms and Swithching Power Supplies
Chapter 15 : Power Factor and Power Factor Correction
Chapter 16 : Electronic Ballasts: High Frequency Power Regulators
Chapter 17 : Low Input Voltage Regulators for Laptop Computers and Portable Electronics


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