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TMEH Volume 1 : Machining

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Title: TMEH Volume 1 : Machining
Author: Thomas J. Drozda & Charles Wick
ISBN: 0872630854 / 9780872630857
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1494
Publisher: SME
Year: 1982
Availability: In Stock
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Completely rewritten and updated, and greatly expanded, including coverage of the latest machining processes and techniques and containing newly added metric information throughout, Volume 1-Machining - is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of machining information compiled to date. Throughout industry, TMEH is the ready reference source of daily use by:

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Tool Designers
  • Technicians
  • Quality Control Engineers
  • Process Planners
  • Methods Engineers
  • Foremen
  • Production Engineers
  • Supervisors

........in the specification, purchasing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of production equipment, tooling, and accessories used in machining operations and related processes.

New and more useful information in this machining volume has been compiled by more than 150 engineering professionals and machining experts and reviewed for technical accuracy and completeness by nearly 500 machining authorities.

1484 pages
1316 Illustrations
380 Tables
593 Equations

Every aspect of fundamentals, advanced techniques and methods in the application of traditional and nontraditional machining processes in covered in detail, including new and updated coverage of:

  • Numerical control, computer numerical control, and computer-assisted part programming
  • Selecting and operating flexible manufacturing systems
  • Machine tool rebuilding for cost effective manufacturing
  • Troubleshooting for increased machine tool productivity
  • Tolerance control for cost reduction and improved part quality
  • Selecting efficient speeds an feeds
  • Selecting and applying advanced cutting tool materials
  • Machine loading and unloading for increased output
  • Machine shop safety and noise control

Chapter 1 : Symbols and Abbreviations
Chapter 2 : Principles of Metalcutting and Machinability
Chapter 3 : Tolerance Control
Chapter 4 : Cutting Tool Materials
Chapter 5 : Cutting Fluids and Industrial Lubricants
Chapter 6 : Machine Controls
Chapter 7 : Sawing
Chapter 8 : Broaching, Planning, Shaping and Slotting
Chapter 9 : Turning and Boring
Chapter 10 : Drilling, Reaming and Related Processes
Chapter 11 : Milling
Chapter 12 : Grinding
Chapter 13 : Threading
Chapter 14 : Gear and Spline Production
Chapter 15 : Nontraditional Machining
Chapter 16 : Multifuntion Machines
Chapter 17 : Machine Loading and Unloading
Chapter 18 : Machine Rebuilding
Chapter 19 : Safety and Noise Control


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