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TPM : Collected Practices and Cases

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Title: TPM : Collected Practices and Cases
Author: Productivity Press Development Team
ISBN: 1563273284 / 9781563273285
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 140
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2005
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Equipment downtime can bring a lean manufacturing operation to a complete standstill. Total productive maintenance (TPM) is such a fundamental part of becoming lean because a machine failure at one step of a continuous flow process will halt all the steps before and after it. Strategies aimed at eliminating downtime are essential in any operation in which the processes require the use of complex machinery and equipment.
TPM: Collected Practices and Cases provides a variety of case studies taken from articles previously published in Lean Manufacturer Advisor: the monthly newsletter by Productivity Press.

Highlights Include:

· Practical, in-depth description of TPM issues in a lean transformation, written in a conversational, easy-to-read style and have not been described in other publications.
· A large quantity of case studies unavailable from any other single source.
· Real-world information about the practical issues of TPM implementations.
· Articles categorized in three areas -- TPM Strategies, Management/Culture, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness --for easy reference.

Part I : Strategies for TPM
Chapter 1 : TPM Takes Center Stage at California Chemical Plant
Chapter 2 : Data Drives Maintenance Effort
Chapter 3 : TPM Theme: Show Me the Money
Chapter 4 : You Can Measure the ROI Produced by TPM Efforts
Chapter 5 : The Right Analysis Process Improves TPM Effectiveness
Chapter 6 : You Can't Just Ignore Maintenance-Free Parts
Chapter 7 : A Day in the Park Becomes More Enjoyable Through 5S

Part II : Managing the Initiative
Chapter 8 : Kaiser Does TPM Wrong, Then Gets It Right
Chapter 9 : Implementers Offer TPM Tips
Chapter 10 : Focusing the TPM Effort
Chapter 11 : Education, Support Drive TPM Success (CME)
Chapter 12 : Failures & Countermeasures Mark the Real-World TPM Experience
Chapter 13 : Soft Side Gets Hard Look
Chapter 14 : The "P" In TPM: "Productive" Means "People"
Chapter 15 : Visibility and Commitment Sustain TPM at Kodak

Part III : Using OEE Effectively
Chapter 16 : Practical OEE Answers
Chapter 17 : In Measuring OEE, Higher is Not Always Better
Chapter 18 : Changing the Purpose of Measuring OEE
Chapter 19 : Metric Gives Hercules Strength In Seeing and Fighting Losses


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