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TPM for Workshop Leaders

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Title: TPM for Workshop Leaders
Author: Shirose Kunio
ISBN: 1498767397 / 9781498767392
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 166
Publisher: Productivity Press
Availability: In Stock
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Workshop leaders play a central role in your company's efforts to implement TPM. Once your workers have been divided into small groups to learn the fundamentals of TPM, it is the group leader who spearheads ongoing training and implementation activities. With quick-reading, people-oriented practicality, this new book addresses the role of the workshop leader in maximizing the benefits of TPM.  A top TPM consultant in Japan, Kunio Shirose:

  • Incorporates cartoons and graphics to convey the hands-on leadership issues of TPM implementation
  • Uses case studies to reinforce his ideas on training and managing equipment operators in the care of their equipment
  • Itemizes specific activities that must be undertaken to search out, correct, and control defects to remedy equipment shortcomings.

He also addresses the cooperative relationship necessary between maintenance and production and leaves you with an understanding of the three imperatives for successful TPM implementation to change the quality and functioning of the equipment, the way operators think about equipment, and the workplace. (Originally published by the Japan Management Association.)

Publisher’s Message

Chapter 1 : Causes of Breakdowns and Defects

  • The Workshop Environment
  • TPM Success Stories

Chapter 2 : Definition of TPM

  • History of Equipment Management in Japan
  • TPM : Japanese-Style Equipment Management
  • Definition of TPM
  • The Five Pillars of TPM Development

Chapter 3 : Characteristics and Goals of TPM

  • TPM is Characterized by "Zero" Targets
  • Two Main Goals of TPM

Chapter 4 : Approach to Equipment Efficiency Improvement

  • The Six Big Losses : Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Higher Equipment Efficiency
  • Breakdown Losses
  • Setup and Adjustment Losses
  • Idling and Minor Stoppage Losses
  • Reduced Speed Loss
  • Quality Defects and Rework
  • Startup / Yield Losses

Chapter 5 : Loss Calculation Methods and Improvement Targets

  • Operating Time
  • Performance Rate
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Improvement Targets for the Six Big Losses

Chapter 6 : Approach to Chronic Loss Improvement

  • Understanding Chronic Loss Characteristics
  • How to Implement P-M Analysis
  • Approach to Discovering Slights Defects
  • Restoration

Chapter 7 : Autonomous Maintenance Activities of the Production Department

  • Definition of Autonomous Maintenance
  • Characteristics of Autonomous Maintenance
  • Autonomous Maintenance Development Steps

Chapter 8 : Planned Maintenance Activities of the Maintenance Department

  • Division of Tasks Between Maintenance
  • Description of Planned Maintenance Activities
  • Skills Training
  • MP Design and Early Equipment Management

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