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The California Energy Crisis : Lessons for a Deregulating Industry

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Title: The California Energy Crisis : Lessons for a Deregulating Industry
Author: Will McNamara
ISBN: 0878148442 / 9780878148448
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 200
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2002
Availability: 15-30 days
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California was the first to open its electricity markets to competition (1998) and is often viewed as a prototype for deregulation that is unfolding on a state-by-state basis across the United States. In this book, energy columnist and think-tank analyst Will McNamara takes readers into the heart of the California energy crisis and recounts the facts surrounding California’s deregulation. He details who its main players were, the root causes of its failure, the attempts at resolution, “re-regulation,” and the price-cap debate. Further, he clarifies the common misinformation surrounding the California energy crisis, and draws solutions to the inherent problems of the California model as other states deregulate their electricity markets. provides a thorough analysis of the inherent market flaws that existed in the California model for electric deregulation

  • offers insights from a nationally recognized energy industry analyst who has tracked the California energy markets throughout the 1990s
  • puts key developments of California’s deregulation into valuable context


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Historical Perspective
Chapter 3 : The Root Causes of the California Energy Crisis
Chapter 4 : Impacts : How the Crisis Manifested
Chapter 5 : The Financial Instability of Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and Southern California Edison
Chapter 6 : Resolution Attempts
Chapter 7 : The Re-Regulation of California’s Energy Market
Chapter 8 : The Great Debate over Price Caps
Chapter 9 : Comparison of California to Other States
Chapter 10 : Summer 2001 : The Energy Crisis Fizzles Out
Chapter 11 : Present Status : Where Will California Energy Markets Go From Here?


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