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The Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Handbook, (With CD-ROM).

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Title: The Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Handbook, (With CD-ROM).
Author: T.M. Kubiak
ISBN: 8174890203 / 9788174890207
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 650
Publisher: ASQ/Infotech
Year: 2014
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition Priced at Rs.1895/-. FREE Shipping within India. Delivery : Within 2 to 4 working days.
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This book has been created to reflect the most current thinking among key Six Sigma leaders regarding what should be contained in the ASQ Master Black Belt Body of Knowledge (BoK). For quick reference and ease of use, chapter and section numbering exactly mirrors that of the BoK.

The primary audience for this work is the individual who plans to prepare to sit for the Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification examination. Therefore, this book assumes the individual has the necessary educational background and experience in quality and Lean Six Sigma. Concepts are dealt with briefly, but supplemented with practical examples. Theoretical discussion has been avoided unless such a discussion was necessary to communicate a concept.

A secondary audience for the handbook is the quality and Six Sigma professional who would like a relevant Lean Six Sigma reference book. With this audience in mind, some material has been expanded beyond what the Body of Knowledge requires.

The CD accompanying the print book and at the end of the e-book versions includes a practice problem set covering each part of the book and a simulated examination that has problems distributed among parts according to the scheme published in the Body of Knowledge.

List of Figures and Tables

Part I : Enterprise-Wide Planning and Deployment
Chapter 1 :
Strategic Plan Deployment
Chapter 2 : Strategic Plan Alignment
Chapter 3 : Deployment of Six Sigma Systems
Chapter 4 : Six Sigma Methodologies
Chapter 5 : Opportunities for Improvement
Chapter 6 : Risk Analysis of Projects and the Pipeline
Chapter 7 : Organizational Design
Chapter 8 : Organizational Commitment
Chapter 9 : Organizational Finance and Business Performance Metrics

Part II : Cross-Functional Competencies
Chapter 10 :
Data Gathering
Chapter 11 : Internal Organizational Challenges
Chapter 12 : Executive and Team Leadership Roles

Part III : Project Management
Chapter 13 :
Project Execution
Chapter 14 : Project Oversight and Management
Chapter 15 : Project Management Infrastructure
Chapter 16 : Project Financial Tools

Part IV : Training Design and Delivery
Chapter 17 :
Training Needs Analysis
Chapter 18 : Training Plans
Chapter 19 : Training Materials and Curriculum Development
Chapter 20 : Training Effectiveness Evaluation

Part V : Mentoring Responsibilities
Chapter 21 :
Mentoring Champions, Change Agents, and Executives
Chapter 22 : Mentoring Black Belts and Green Belts
Chapter 23 : Mentoring Non-Belt Employees

Part VI : Advanced Measurement Methods and Tools
Chapter 24 :
Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
Chapter 25 : Measuring and Modeling Relationships Between Variables
Chapter 26 : Design of Experiments (DOE)
Chapter 27 : Automated Process Control (APC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Part VII : Appendices
Appendix 1 : ASQ Code of Ethics (May 2005)
Appendix 2 : ASQ Certified Master Black Belt (MBB) Body of Knowledge (2010)
Appendix 3 : Control Chart Combinations for Measurement Data
Appendix 4 : Control Chart Constants
Appendix 5 : Constants for A7, B7 and B8
Appendix 6 : Factors for Estimating Sigmax
Appendix 7 : Control Charts for Count Data
Appendix 8 : Binomial Distribution Table
Appendix 9 : Cumulative Binomial Distribution Table
Appendix 10 : Poisson Distribution Table
Appendix 11 : Cumulative Poisson Distribution Table
Appendix 12 : Standard Normal Distribution Table
Appendix 13 : Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution Table
Appendix 14 : t Distribution Table
Appendix 15 : Chi-Square Distribution Table
Appendix 16 : F(0.99) Distribution Table
Appendix 17 : F(0.975) Distribution Table
Appendix 18 : F(0.95) Distribution Table
Appendix 19 : F(0.90) Distribution Table
Appendix 20 : F(0.10) Distribution Table
Appendix 21 : F(0.05) Distribution Table
Appendix 22 : F(0.025) Distribution Table
Appendix 23 : F(0.01) Distribution Table
Appendix 24 : Equivalent Sigma Levels, Percent Defective, and PPM Values
Appendix 25 : Glossary of Lean Six Sigma and Related Terms
Appendix 26 : Glossary of Japanese Terms

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